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Notes and Bolts
SONGkran (Solo Project) 2015 - Learning Blog
Semester Reflections
Holiday Recital 2
Holiday Recital 1
Recital Reflection: Broadway Songs
Recital Reflection: Folk Songs
Folk Song Resources
Folk Song Recital (No. 5) Resources
Recital Reflection: Lydia by Gabriel Faure
Recital Reflection: The Ash Grove
French Art Song: Lydia by Gabriel Faure
Recital Reflection: Simple Gifts
Recital Reflection: Nel Cor Piu Non Mi Sento
From Bel Canto to English Art Song
English Art Song 2
Dear Singers...
IASAS CC Vocal Candidate Recital - Monday, October 13 (*50 pts.)
Reminders and Updates SEPT 2/14
Thoughts about Class Voice...
Absence Verification and Make-Up Work
ISB Invited to Sing at New York's Lincoln Center - April, 2015
For CC Candidates
Last Chance to Join the ISB Choir Trip to Sing at Lincoln Center in New York
IASAS CC Vocal Audition Resources